Argosy Credit acquires underperforming and nonperforming business loans from commercial banks and other lending institutions. Argosy Credit is actively seeking opportunities that meet the following general investment criteria:

  • Purchase Price/Bid Amount: $100,000 to $5 million
  • Origination Amount: $1 to 5 million
  • Type of Loans: Loans secured by assets including A/R, inventory, equipment and real estate
  • Sale Processes: Negotiated acquisitions, one-off credits and also pools of loans
  • Business Type: Across all business types, including niche-lending areas
  • Industry Focus: Industry agnostic
  • Geography: U.S. and Canada

Lender Considerations

Time to Close

We are a small and responsive organization. Our level of interest will be determined and communicated within a few days, and on average, we will close in two to three weeks following receipt of legal and financial information.


We understand and respect the need for confidentiality throughout the entire loan sale process due to the sensitive nature of the lender-borrower relationship.

Borrower Considerations

Borrower Support

Our goal is for the existing owners to remain in control of their company. We support our borrowers by adjusting payment terms to manage through cash flow issues, and we offer our borrowers third-party expertise from our consultant network to assist in stabilizing their business.

Additional Capital

In situations where the lender is unwilling or unable to advance additional capital, we have the capacity to provide a structured financing solution assuming the company has a viable business plan which supports repayment.